Leading BPO Firm Places 96 Agents Placed from Crossoverleads Demand Generation Campaign

Let’s examine the number breakdown over 90 initial days of the campaign:

  • 451 Leads Delivered
  • 260 Converted Appointments
  • 97 Opportunities
  • 42 Accounts Onboarded
  • 96 Agents Placed

BPO Challenges:

Before partnering with Crossoverleads, CloudTask had a sizable workforce of several hundred agents, working on various voice and non-voice accounts. However, to continue expanding at scale, the company needed to explore additional channels that would facilitate account growth. CEO Amir Reiter noted that they had allocated a considerable 60% of their marketing budget to AdWords and Facebook, but these platforms were gradually becoming too costly to sustain. As a result, the company had to explore alternative options to meet their revenue targets for 2019.


CloudTask initiated a 90-day pilot campaign to achieve a consistent stream of sales-ready appointments that would minimize non-sales activities for the sales team, while keeping costs scalable. Crossoverleads voice team played a pivotal role in supporting this objective by conducting voice verifications of appointments before delivering them to CloudTask’s CRM. Within the first 90 days, the campaign delivered an impressive 451 sales-qualified appointments.

The results

The results were remarkable. Out of 451 sales-qualified leads, CloudTask placed 96 agents, with an average of 2.3 agents placed per lead. It became evident to CloudTask that they had acquired a powerful new tool in their demand generation arsenal. The key to success was Crossoverleads’ effectiveness and scalability. As CEO Amir Reiter stated, “Crossoverleads filled a much-needed gap. We had previously fluctuated between high-quality solutions that were cost-prohibitive, and low-quality/high-volume situations that drained our internal resources. Crossoverleads proved to be the perfect solution at the right time.”

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