Performance Marketing That Delivers

We Deliver Guaranteed Sales-Qualified Appoitments in Three Steps

01. Find Motivated Buyers

We utilize a powerful approach of multi-channel marketting to reach those bottom-of-the-funnel prospects who are close to making a purchasing decision.

02. Voice Qualify Prospects

Once a company demonstrates interest , our phone staff verifies purchase intent and needs utulizing a carefully curated set of questions.

03. Deliver Sales-Qualified

After we have double-verified buying intent through voice, we send the sales-qualified appointment directly to the CRM/Marketing automation for your sales team to close the deal.


No more un-returned voicemails. No more follow-up emails left on read. And no more cold calls. Crossover Leads creates sales-qualified appointments for your sales team. Optimized, verified, and automated. Leaving your team with more time to close the deal and increase the bottom line.

Ready To Generate More Leads For Your Business?

Cut Client Acquisition Costs And Boost Sales Quickly

Sales teams pour time and money into developing lead funnels that don’t always pan out. Crossover Leads helps your team cut through the noise and generate high-quality meetings with decision-makers in your industry’s target market.

Building a sales pipeline is a strategic science. We leverage our multi-channel approach to optimize sales activities and craft a unique pipeline for your sales success. With built-in automation to save your business time and money.


Get your sales team selling and grow your business today with our sophisticated approach to b2b lead generation.

Reach New Customers
Boost Sales
Pay Only for Results

We’ve developed a powerful multi-channel prospect marketing approach to reach companies ready to make buying decisions. The result?

Over 8 figures of sales generated for agencies ranging from SMB to Fortune 500. Join the list of businesses growing their sales today!

Industries We Support

Want to Reach New Audiences with Performance-Driven Marketing?

Want to Reach New Audiences with Performance-Driven Marketing?

We are here to introduce you to your new customers

Cost-Effective Client Acquisition

All potential inquiries are double-verified and phone screened by our trained staff, with sales-qualified appointments delivered directly to your CRM/Marketing Automation. Leaving more time for your sales team to close deals instead of chasing dead ends.

Have a Plan of Action That Drives Results

At Crossover Leads we minimize the guessing and use data and analytics to create the best plan of action to drive results to your business.

Industries We Support

We Deliver Guaranteed Sales-Qualified Appointments

Couldn’t have experienced our rapid growth without Crossover Leads

Crossover Leads has helped PanTerra grow 25% over the past 5 years. This has been done in two areas. Warm lead qualification, which results in discovery appointments and cold lead generation and nurturing. This has allowed my highly salaried account executives to focus on true BANT qualified opportunities that see value in our offering. By adding Crossover Leads resources into the middle of our sales funnel I have been able to hold lead sources accountable for junk leads and get credits that I never would have known about had those leads been given to my account executives. Crossover Leads has resolved the issue of finger pointing that I used to deal with. My Account Executives used to say that the leads were bad and my lead sources used to say that my employees were not calling on them enough. PanTerra Networks couldn’t have experienced our rapid growth without Crossover Leads.

Shawn Boehme
Director of Inside Sales - PanTerra Networks, Inc.

Splendid Support!

CrossOver Leads has been crucial in the growth of our business, they are very professional and the communication is spon on!

Steven Sayasy

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