Couldn’t have experienced our rapid growth without Crossover Leads

By George Eblacker

Crossover Leads has helped PanTerra grow 25% over the past 5 years. This has been done in two areas. Warm lead qualification, which results in discovery appointments and cold lead generation and nurturing. This has allowed my highly salaried account executives to focus on true BANT qualified opportunities that see value in our offering. By adding Crossover Leads resources into the middle of our sales funnel I have been able to hold lead sources accountable for junk leads and get credits that I never would have known about had those leads been given to my account executives. Crossover Leads has resolved the issue of finger pointing that I used to deal with. My Account Executives used to say that the leads were bad and my lead sources used to say that my employees were not calling on them enough. PanTerra Networks couldn't have experienced our rapid growth without Crossover Leads.