Managed VoIP Services? Here are 5 Tips to Sell Them!

By Crosso

Have you heard of managed VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) services? They’re increasing in popularity, so much so that they’re a billion dollar industry. SMBs love them, and their influence continues to grow thanks to cloud-based services like PBX and BYODs (bring your own device.) So many companies are catching up to offering their services.

If you’re considering selling them, you may wonder if it’s too late. So many sellers that it’s hard to stick out! The prices are equal, there’s no way to set a competitive price. However, so many companies are learning how to sell them, and so can you. Here are 5 ways to sell your VoIP services.

One Scale of a Product

Many companies, especially the smaller ones who make under $100 million, want a phone system that’s scalable. They want their system to go further for less, and you can help them by emphasizing how good your product scales. Tell your clients about how your services can stretch on the busiest days, yet remain small on the normal days.

Be the Guru

Another way to sell VoIP to your customers is if you know what you’re talking about. Show your customers what their best options are, and explain both the advantages and disadvantages of services such as VoIP, cloud hosting, and IP-PBX, just to name a few. This way, your customers will feel like they’re going in the right direction and will take you as the authority on all subjects.

You Have to Offer Mobile Options

In this day and age, having VoIP for mobile devices can get the customers in. Everyone is on their phones nowadays. Always connected to the Internet, your clients need a service that works for their mobile device. In order to sell a mobile service, measure how much your client uses their mobile phone and pick a service that’s suitable for them.

Put Everything in One Basket

When someone needs a certain VoIP need, your store should have it. Having all the services under one belt gives your clients a trusted person to go to. Being able to manage every need of your clients will mean fewer merges, which is something everyone wants to avoid in today’s society. Focus on the planning and integration, but also help manage the needs of your customers.

Emphasize Security

Finally, one of the most important steps in selling your services is to talk about your security. Show your prospects what can happen if they don’t have security, then show what your security packages can do for them. Everyone wants to be safe, and by showing your potential customers how they can protect themselves, you can sign the deal faster.

The goal is present an image to your prospect. It’s to show what your managed VoIP service can do for them. It should scale when it needs to, be as secure as possible, be compatible with other vendors, work with mobile and your place should be the first people go to when they need something. By implementing these steps, you can go far.