Crossoverleads Demand Generation Campaign Gained 222 New Phone Lines for Leading VoIP Phone Company over 90 Days

Let’s examine the number breakdown of the campaign

  • 492 Leads Delivered
  • 276 Converted Appointments
  • 108 Opportunities
  • 54 Sold Deals
  • 222 Lines Acquired


Crossoverleads has established a robust reputation in the VoIP demand generation sector owing to its steadfast dedication towards implementing a meticulous multi-touch lead filtration process.

crossover leads phone


A top-notch VoIP service provider with nationwide presence joined forces with Crossoverleads to create a fresh avenue of demand generation that would help their inbound sales department keep up with their growth aspirations. Crossoverleads’ knack for generating voice-contacted SQLs at scale played a pivotal role in making this campaign a success. The main goal was to target firms that required anywhere between 1 to 20 lines, and Upcision’s ability to tap into these small and medium-sized businesses proved to be quite impressive.

How Crossoverleads Helped

Crossoverleads accomplished its triumph by skillfully and affordably reaching the right small and medium-sized businesses that were the target audience. As a consequence, our client achieved a closure rate of 10.9% for the leads that were dispositioned, with an average of 4.1 lines per deal.

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