The Best Guide on Selling UCaaS

By Crosso

Many businesses are moving to unified communications as a service, or UCaaS, to get further in their business. There’s a good reason why, too. UCaaS is flexible, doesn’t need any on-premise hardware, can save time, and inccrease productivity. If you’re a telecom agent, your portfolio can grow thanks to UCaaS.

However, you need to learn how to sell it. Here’s how.

Why You Need to Get into This Market Now

One study by Synergy Research group found that the market for UCaaS goes up by 29 percent every year. It’s flexible, has no upfront fees, is scaleable, and is the objectively better option for any business of any size.

So how do you sell it? Here are some ways.

How to Sell to Enterprise Businesses

These types of businesses can get quite a few benefits out of UCaas, and you need to emphasize the less advanced features. Instead, think about the reduced costs and removing any on-premise servers from their area.

With that said, a partner should still list the features and some of the slicker, more advanced abilities it can do, but you need to be mindful of any budgets and see if your services can help satiate the needs of everyone. You can increase an agent’s value and wallet share with a customer, too.

Some Nuances of Enterprise UCaaS Selling

  • Take a look at the environment your customer is in and learn which solutions will work the best.
  • Review the usage in order to make sure an enterprise has everything they need and is not realizing they may need certain features.
  • On the other hand, if a customer needs a certain feature, double check to make sure it’s necessary.

Selling UCaaS to a Medium-Sized Business

Growing pains can be annoying, especially in regards to businesses. You tend to find that medium-sized businesses are too big for a smaller package, and vice versa. They need someone who can help them make the transition. Here are some tips.

  • Medium-sized businesses are all about unified communications. Most mid-sized businesses will use different breeds of technology to grow, and this includes mobility-related, meeting-focused solutions, collab tools, and others.
  • Many are moving to the clouds. You need to be the person who helps show them what the newest and best cloud-based services are for their situation.
  • They’re more mobile. From emergency recovery to being fully remote, these businesses need to have all of these to make the whole process easier.

How to Sell UCaaS to any Business of any Size

Keep Your Customer Protected

Downtime can cost almost $9,000 every minute, and UCaaS helps to fix any downtime problems as son as possible. Emphasize your staff, security, and quality of service. Make a quality of service agreement if you don’t.

Give Remote Workers Love

In the next 10 years, it’s estimated that 1/3rd of employees will work remotely. UCaaS is the remote worker’s solutions, so show how UCaaS helps with accountability and connection.

Update Your Sales Tactics

Telemarketing and cold calling are outdated and sometimes illegal. Use qualified leads, social media interaction, and other ways to connect with prospects and thought leaders. This way, everyone benefits.

Know Your Customer

UCaaS can help address general needs, but you need to know the customer personally. Get in their business, know their problems, and pick the UCaaS service that would work the best. By not treating your customer like a person with problems, you won’t go far. Instead, get to know them and their pain points.

Educate Everyone, Including Yourself

Your partners and yourself should always be learning about new technologies, including UCaaS, down the road. This can help you find solutions much faster.

Internet of Things (IoT) and UCaaS

The IoT is rising, Use that to help drive home your UCaaS sales. Here are a few benefits of it.

  • IoT can help your fleet, be it trucks, cars, or drones. IoT can keep everything easier through unified communications and keeps everything in order.
  • IoT can make it easier to monitor, handle any bottlenecks, and make productivity skyrocket. All using what makes your fleet better.
  •  More collaboration. Everyone likes to collab, and with unified communications, it’s much easier to do so. IoT helps when you need to fine certain info as well, saving your time.

Selling UCaaS When There’s Challenges

UCaaS has so many benefit that it’s a soft sell, but many companies may have challenges, especially when it comes to the technology, and you need to address them. These challenges include:

Too Much Data

UCaaS has quite a bit of data, but your analytics systems need to collect, store, and access said data. When you deploy UCaaS, you need the ability to handle that data, so make sure your prospects have that.

Cloud Concerns

Many people are worried about the connections, even though cloud connections have improved on all fronts. You may need to implement certain accommodations, particularly if your business likes doing communications and analytics in-house.

UCaaS and Big Data

We all know that big data improves thanks to UCaaS, but what about unified communications and analytics? This one is a bit less clear, but you can explain that by using big data tools, your customers can have many discoveries, such as why there’s lag issues or problems with the mic.

“What About the Cost?”

You may hear this question from a prospect, and it may make you freeze a bit. Your potential customers are interested, but they also want to save money. Your best solution is to show them that UCaaS is a great value and it’s much bigger than the cost.

Tell your prospect that budgets are going up, especially in the IT department. Over 46 percent of companies are increasing their budgets, and many of them will use that budget for UCaaS integration.

Also, explain the growth of cloud businesses. There are three classes of business architecture: on-premise, hybrid, then cloud. The majority, 38, use hybrid, and many want to go entirely cloud. Entirely cloud takes up 29 percent, with on-premise being 33.

Finally, explain that the cost is less of a priority these days. From 2017 to 2018, cost went down from 49 to 33.1 percent. Nowadays, the priority is agility!

Five Things a Partner Should Know in Regards to a UCaaS Rollout

If you can sell UCaaS, you should also teach your customer about its implementation. This can be tough, but by doing it, you can help start a long-lasting business relationship. Here are five tips to make that happen.

1: Involve Everyone

Get every stakeholder and person’s perspective. With more perspectives, you’re less likely to have problems during the early stages.

2: Have An Answer Ready

Your customer has questions, and you (should) have answers. By answering everything, you’ll be able to have a reputation as knowing what you’re talking about.

3: Know Availability

The rollout can be intimidating, so talk about all the technologies, including the obscure ones, such as fuel stability’s redundant connections. This makes the process smoother for everyone.

4 The Worst Can Happen

Some issues, such as number porting and design documentation’s development, can occur. Always have  flexibility to take down any issues.

Be Engaging

When you get feedback, be ready to make the change. With feedback, get everyone in the user base evolved so you can paint a bigger picture and help to build engagement.

Time to Sell

Over half of businesses that implement UCaaS have more productivity and communication. Your job as a telecom agent should be to grow your business portfolio and improve your selling. We can help you sell. Just contact us for more information.